Thursday 17 July 2014

Parade at Toronto

Reception to Governor

Dialysis Centre

Life Saving Project

Diabetes and other lifestyles are the common cause of Kidney failure today and it has taken alarming statistics in this part of the Country. Kidney failure is affecting the young and breadwinners of the family by shattering their lives, relationships and finances. Government institutions are unable to support the dialysis in the case of non-donor patients. The need of the hour is the dialysis units in all parts of the country and Lions Clubs International, District 324-A under the dynamic leadership of PMJF Lion Dr.N.R. Dhanapalan established this project with the help of philanthropists, generous donors from Lions of Chennai, LCIF, Sri Badalchand Chordia Trust and general public.
Currently the centre has 11 Haemodialysis systems from the World's best machines (Made in Germany) backed by well trained and experienced technical Staff and Doctors. The infrastructure has the state of the art RO Plant and fully air-conditioned atmosphere with all the facilities for the patients to conduct the dialysis in a safe and clean environment. About 250 dialysis can be done per month at the movement.
The dialysis is done at a concessional rate of Rs. 600/- and the cost of dialysis is much more elsewhere. To cover the short fall and to offer free dialysis for those who cannot afford either fully (or) partially and to add more systems , we need the support of philanthropists like you to help us to achieve the goals to serve the affected community. Your selfless contribution brings back life and smiles of those affected by kidney failure. We request you to become a continuous donor / patron of this Yeomen Service Project. The donations are exempt from IT under section 80G of IT act.